Wasted time

Slow software wastes time

Users are impatient and want to complete their tasks as soon as possible. Making them wait risks losing customers or wasting valuable employee time. We ensure that your software responds as quickly as possible, so your users can get on with their day.

Stop wasting time
Wasted money

Slow software wastes money

Cloud computing exposes more clearly than ever before how badly-performing software can cost real money. We verify that your software uses the optimum amount of resources, avoiding wasting money for no gain.

Stop wasting money
Slow business

Slow software wastes potential

Software forms the core of every modern business. Your competitors are making sure their software is running quickly, and so should you. We eliminate inefficiencies to allow your business to perform at its best.

Stop wasting potential

Optimisation services

acceleratech will audit your software and provide recommendations for areas that need improvement, or implement the changes for you if you desire.

We specialise in optimising the technologies below. However, our techniques can be applied to a number of other languages, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project.


JavaScript is the ubiquitous language of the web, and as front-end applications become more advanced, it is vital that your code runs as efficiently as possible on a variety of browsers. The growing adoption of Node.js also means that back-end code is increasingly written in JavaScript as well. TypeScript provides a strongly-typed language that builds on JavaScript, allowing you to detect bugs before runtime.

AG Grid

AG Grid is marketed as the Best JavaScript Grid in the World, and is undoubtedly a high-performance library, powering a number of applications that could not otherwise exist. It is important to ensure that it is configured and used correctly to provide the best experience for your users.



C# is a modern, innovative, open-source, cross-platform, object-oriented programming language used by hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide to power their business across a vast array of industries including media, finance, healthcare, gaming, and more. When used correctly, the .NET framework performs faster than any other popular framework.

T-SQL/SQL Server

SQL Server is a powerful database with a huge range of functionality. As your dataset grows, it will become ever more critical that your data is structured and indexed in the best way to avoid performance issues. As a declarative language, it is important to write T-SQL in the correct way to ensure you can access your data as efficiently as possible.


We have improved the software of a number of clients, including: